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Transportable, Quick Deploy & East of Use

Our flyaway antennas are designed transportability, ease of use and quick deploy. From providing disaster recovery communication, broadcasting live from a remote area or providing tactical connectivity our antennas are built to withstand the harshest environment. Our “One-Push Button” acquisition will allow you to be on the air in minutes.

  • High strength, light weight, carbon fiber reflector with a surface accuracy of 0.3mm RMS.
  • Supports both manual and one button auto-deploy acquisition of the satellite.
  • Easy assembly and operation, without training or tools, with acquisition of the satellite in four (4) minutes.
  • It fully satisfies the standard of MIL-STD-810F
  • Supports C, X, Ku and Ka-band operation.
  • Supports DVB-S1, DVB-S2 satellite acquisition either by beacon or modem outputs.



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