7.3-mtr Ka-Band

The first of two (2) 7.3-meter Ka-band antennas being installed at the TSN Teleport in Malaysia.  Ka-band business is growing in the region in-spite of high temperatures and extremely heavy down pours during the monsoon season.  Alpha Satcom will design and maintain insulated hubs with air conditioning systems based on the internally generated sensitive heat loads and ambient design conditions.

9.0-Mtr 6-Port DBS Band

The large hub permits the installation of the amplifiers close to the feed in order to reduce the loss associated with the high frequency waveguide.

9.0-Mtr Ka-Band Monopulse

Alpha Satcom 9.0-mtr Ka-band Antenna complete with mono-pulse tracking at a NATO site in Europe. The antenna was designed with a mono-pulse feed and control system permitting it to be used for TTAC operation.  The reflector also includes an Anti-Icing system dictated by the weather conditions at the site.

Alpha Satcom’s 9.0-mtr Ka-Band

Alpha Satcom 9.0-mtr Ka-band Antenna with a Smart Step Track Antenna Control System and 1:1 Air Conditioning System installed in Adelaide, Australia.  9.0-mtr Ka-band and smaller antennas, not required for TTAC or IOT Ranging Services, can be supplied and operate with a good quality Smart Step Track Antenna Controller with Predictive Track capability. Alpha Satcom’s rapid push for production and …

Holmdel, New Jersey Project

Alpha Satcom has just successfully completed the installation and testing of a 9.0-meter, Ku-band, Lo-PIM antenna system in Holmdel, New Jersey. This specially designed antenna/feed combination was required to operate from 10.7 to 12.5 GHz Receive and 12.75 to 14.5 GHz Transmit. With only a 250 MHz guard band between the Receive and Transmit frequencies the 3rd order inter-mods generated …

Alpha Satcom Awarded Contract with Myanmar

Alpha Satcom Inc. is pleased to announce the receipt of an award of contract Alpha Satcom Inc., The Oldest, New Antenna Company On The Planet, is pleased to announce the receipt of an award of contract for the supply of a 7.3-meter, extended Ku-band, 4-Port Frequency Reuse, antenna system to be installed in Myanmar. This will be the second Alpha …

Satnews Daily

Alpha Satcom Antennas Avoids The Chills With Walton De-Ice Systems Alpha Satcom Inc. (ASI), a provider of satellite Earth station antenna solutions, has selected Walton De-Ice systems for an installation at a major satellite broadcast facility. Alpha Satcom, Inc. had been selected by a customer to design, fabricate and supply a unique 9.0-meter Ku-band, low-passive, intermodulation (PIM) antenna with especially …