4.2-mtr, Gregorian, Carbon Fiber, Lo-PIM antenna system

4.2-mtr Gregorian Antenna featured in DataPath’s 3421 DKET Package

Alpha Satcom is proud to have their 4.2-mtr, Gregorian, Carbon Fiber, Lo-PIM antenna system included in DataPath’s 3421 DKET package.  The antenna comes equipped with a specially designed, Research Concepts (RCI), Auto Locating Servo Controller, and a variety of X-band to Ka-Band feeds. Using hand tools only, the system can be assembled by two men and be on the air …

9.0M Turning Head Antenna

The latest Turning Head 9.0M Antenna.  See our attached brochure.  Looking forward to fulfilling your satellite communication needs! 9.0M Turning Head Antenna

Turning Head Designs

What’s New at Alpha: We have been very successful in fielding our Limited Motion, Ka-band antennas, from 4.2-mtr to 9.0-mtr operating with both Mono-pulse and Smart Step Track Antenna Control Units. Building upon our time tested and proven reflectors, feeds, and ACUs, we are proud to announce our new family of Turning Head Pedestals.  With both full motion, +/- 180-degree …

Maintenance Programs

Alpha Satcom is pleased to offer customizable Maintenance Programs for your ground station antenna.  Maintenance is a preventative and low cost solution to keep ground stations running efficiently and safely. Please click on the link below for our Downloadable PDF. Maintenance Program We look forward to prolonging your antenna’s life!

0.9-Mtr Ku-Band Antenna

Alpha Satcom is pleased to announce a new addition to the 0.9Mtr line of antennas. The 0.9-Mtr ASI-T900 vehicle flat-panel antenna is an integrated satellite communication system developed for the needs of mobile satellite communications.  Through accurate and stable satellite tracking technology, this antenna is efficient and provides reliable satellite communication links.  The 0.9-Mtr Ku-Band antenna ensures uninterrupted transmission of …

0.9-Mtr Ku-Band Backpack Antenna System

Calling themselves “The Oldest, New Antenna Company On the Planet,” Alpha Satcom Inc. has just received a contract award from Waldo Systems Co., Ltd., South Korea, to supply that firm with a 0.9 meter, Ku-Band, backpack antenna system. Waldo Systems provides a wide range of satellite systems and related products to all sectors of the Korean market.  Having worked with …

7.3-Mtr and 9.0-Mtr Hub Typical Ka-Band Integration

All Alpha Satcom antennas are designed for Ka-Band operation and include exceptionally large hubs which provide not only exceptional stiffness to the reflector structure but also a generous volume for the integration of Ka-band Rf sub-system equipment.

4.2-Mtr Ka-Band Turning Head Antenna

A 4.2-mtr Carbon Fiber Gregorian turning head antenna that supports X-band, X-band Lo-PIM, Ku-band and Ka-band operations with a switchable feed.  The specially designed large hub is designed to house a full complement of RF components.  The azimuth coverage is via a +/_ 170 ° slew gear and the elevation is 5° to 90° via a self-locking, anti-back lash, mechanical …