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Engineering, Craftmanship and Service

Alpha Satcom provides a wide range of large antenna solutions in C-band, X-band, Ku-band, DBS, Ka-band and hybrids for both commercial and military applications.

Our antennas are designed to offer transmit and receive efficiently to deliver the best quality performance signal to the end user. Our antenna sizes include 6.2-meter, 7.3-meter, 9.0-meter, 11.3-meter and 13.2-meter.

Our Antenna Features:

  • Hot dipped galvanizing for both the pedestal and reflector support structure.
  • Azimuth jack attached to the pedestal for ease of one-man repositioning between the two 120° segments that provides a total of 190° of travel. No lifting or staging equipment required.
  • Convenient and safe staircase to upper maintenance platform.
  • High strength, low weight aluminum panels fabricated on NEW aircraft quality tooling.
  • Wide variety of feed offerings.
  • Three-year warranty.


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