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Holmdel, New Jersey Project

Alpha-Satcom has just successfully completed the installation and testing of a 9.0-meter, Ku-band, Lo-PIM antenna system in Holmdel, New Jersey. This specially designed antenna/feed combination was required to operate from 10.7 to 12.5 GHz Receive and 12.75 to 14.5 GHz Transmit. With only a 250 MHz guard band between the Receive and Transmit frequencies the 3rd order inter-mods generated during multi-carrier operation can effectively mask receive signals.

This requires not only a uniquely designed feed but also structural changes to the main reflector plus very particular and precise installation techniques for the reflector surface. Testing was performed both before and after the de-icing installation with no changes in performance. The difficult Lo-PIM specifications were met during the first testing phase!

Alpha Satcom Inc. is pleased to announce the receipt of an award of contract

Alpha Satcom Inc., The Oldest, New Antenna Company On The Planet, is pleased to announce the receipt of an award of contract for the supply of a 7.3-meter, extended Ku-band, 4-Port Frequency Reuse, antenna system to be installed in Myanmar. This will be the second Alpha antenna this year slated for installation into the expanding Myanmar satellite communication market.

This quick reaction program fits well into Alpha’s strategy of building to inventory to support the market’s needs for shortened deliveries. The flexibility to be able to meet this customer’s needs, learned from our long association in the Asian market, makes Alpha uniquely qualified for timely and complete responses to these types of programs.

As an added plus, shipping the antenna structure directly from our factory, located adjacent to the port of Tianjin, offers to our customers significant savings in both transportation costs and time.

Alpha Satcom, Inc. is a professional, Texas registered company designing and addressing a wide range of satellite communication products and services.

Satnews Daily

April 13th, 2016

Alpha Satcom Antennas Avoids The Chills With Walton De-Ice Systems

Alpha Satcom Inc. (ASI), a provider of satellite Earth station antenna solutions, has selected Walton De-Ice systems for an installation at a major satellite broadcast facility.

Alpha Satcom, Inc. had been selected by a customer to design, fabricate and supply a unique 9.0-meter Ku-band, low-passive, intermodulation (PIM) antenna with especially challenging RF and structural design requirements—Alpha Satcom then, in turn, selected Walton De-Ice as part of Alpha Satcom, Inc.’s total solution.

Headquartered in Longview, Texas, with additional facilities in China, Alpha Satcom Inc. (ASI), provides a wide range of large satellite Earth station antenna solutions in C-, X-, Ku-, DBS, Ka-band and hybrids for commercial and military applications, including special requirements for performance in extreme environments.

Walton’s Hot Air De-Ice systems, including the company’s unique Plenum enclosure installed on the rear of an antenna, provide the most reliable and economic antenna de-icing solutions on the market, offering maximum flexibility with electric, natural gas, and liquid propane gas heater options. Unlike other types of heaters, such as electric pad systems that can cause reflector distortion, Walton Hot Air De-Ice systems heat the entire antenna reflector uniformly, which minimizes reflector distortion that can cause signal problems, even more so at Ku-, and Ka-Band.

During the NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas, April 18-21, 2016, at Booth OE504, Walton De-Ice will be promoting their latest in gas and electric heated hot-air Plenum systems for large antennas (3.7 to 32 meters), as well as their innovative Ice Quake and Snow Shield solutions for 0.6 to 6.3 meter antennas.

Passive intermodulation (PIM) on antennas can disrupt networks by creating signal interference. Low–PIM antennas minimize this effect. Bill Anton, President/CEO of Alpha Satcom, Inc., said, “The very nature of this type of system not only requires special RF and structural design but also extremely sensitive installation and operational constraints. We understand the critical needs of our customers to have high performance, reliable systems that can receive and transmit a signal cost effectively under the harshest conditions. By thermally bathing the backup structure and panels in a homogeneous manner, the Walton De-icing will help support Low PIM operation for many years.

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